Aerial Therapy is home to the best and most qualified level of Pole instruction in Bermuda

Level Classes

Pole 1 (Novice)
Pole 3/4 (Intermediate/Advanced) Learn the fundamentals of Pole Dance technique including walking around the Pole, basic spins, beginner climbs and floor work. Come and have fun while getting amazing cardio and strength training for your entire body!


  • Come with an open mind and a positive attitude!
Pole 2 (Junior)

Pole 3/4 (Intermediate/Advanced)Ready to build up the necessary strength and proper technique to go upside down? This class is for you! This Level is designed for those who are already working on basic spins, climbs and holds. Here you will learn more advanced climbs, spins, floor work and basic inverts.



  • 2-Handed Spins (Fireman, Reverse Attitude, Carousel, Chair)
  • Basic Climb
  • Pull-Up to Sit
  • Pole Sit variations
  • Fan Kick
  • Lay Backs
Pole 3 (Intermediate)

When you are comfortable with inversions, leg hangs and climbs, you will know that you are ready for another level of strength training and grace. This Level is designed to raise the vertical bar with more advanced inversions, holds, spins and spin Pole. You will also learn to create beautiful combos while finding your own strength and style.
    • cross-ankle release
    • pull-up crunch
    • Superman
    • Inversions (no double-hops)
    • Chopper into basic inversion
    • inside/outside leg hangs
Pole 4 (Advanced)

The types of moves your favourite Instagram posts are made of! This Level is designed for those who are truly looking for a challenge by taking their Pole training to new heights, literally.


  • 1-handed spins
  • climbs and their variations (forearm climb, side climb, spinning climb on static pole)
  • upright bracket/split grip holds
  • Butterfly/Extended Butterfly
  • mechanics of spin pole
  • handstand mounts
  • aerial inversions
  • shoulder mount 


Open Level Sessions

Flowmatic (All Levels)


/flō/ : verb
To move along or out steadily and continuously in a current or stream.
/mˈatɪk/ : suffix
From matos in Greek, meaning “willing to [perform]”.
In Marilyn’s signature class you will be guided through low flow (no aerial tricks) and transitions with an end goal of building confidence and using the choreography as a basis for your own creative journey.


  • Bring heels, knee pads (available for purchase at Aerial Therapy) & dress in layers
  • No experience required! Come with a positive attitude and an open mind.
Pole Play (All Levels)
Pole 3/4 (Intermediate/Advanced) 

This is not a lesson but a time to come and play! Your instructor will lead the warm-up at the start of the session and assist and/or spot during the remainder of the class. Students are encouraged to use these sessions to practice what was learned in class. All levels are welcome (Pole Virgins included).


  • No experience required! Come with a positive attitude and an open mind.
Power Pole (All Levels)


Power up by toning up in this class that focuses on using the pole as an apparatus for total-body conditioning. Through a series of exercises, including pull-ups, crunches, squats, climbs and more, learn how you can use the pole to totally transform your core, arms and legs.


  • All levels welcome! Come with an open mind and a fun, ready-to-sweat attitude!
Spin City (Open Level)


Come to learn the fundamentals of Spin Pole then take that knowledge to the next level by combining it with all of the awesomeness that you’ve already learned on static Pole. Modifications will be given to accommodate Polers of ALL levels!


  • Proficiency with basic climbs and spins is recommended. Come with an open mind and a positive attitude!